Preserving the Environment Now and for the Future

2011-11-22-Picture12CACEI wants the best for the City of Canton and adjoining townships as the area moves forward into the future. We work to protect the environment and green space, areas for future growth of residential neighborhoods, Canton Lake neighborhoods, commercial areas, the city’s water resource, rural wells, farmland, the natural beauty of the area and the recreational activities provided by the lake. The organization works for long-term protection of our environmental assets for us and future generations.

The proposed North Canton Strip Mine has been the primary focus for CACEI since Canton area citizens first learned of it in 2006. After 8 long years, the strip mine has been stopped. The beautiful rolling Copperas Creek valleys, tall mature oak and hickory timber, and productive farmland along scenic tree-lined country lanes bordered by horse pastures and family farms will not be blasted and bull-dozed down for the one time taking of coal. Read the entire story here.

Fulton County is going healthy, green and moving forward. There is no shortage of good things to celebrate — new bike path, a solar energy field, and a new lake community are just a few of the exciting, forward things coming to the area.

Please join us!

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CACEI Meeting

Saturday, June 4 at 10 a.m. at the Fulton County Health Dept.


Coal ash  waste disposal at the former Buckheart Mine site

Several CACEI members have asked for a public hearing on the proposed expansion of plans for Cell 5, a new 25-acre coal combustion waste (CCW) site. The CCW comes from several states and many different power companies. The public notice is for an NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permit.

The IEPA has asked if we would consider withdrawing the requests for a public hearing if Springfield Industries dropped the request for the use of 25 acres for Cell 5. We have asked for a delay in responding to the request until after the CACEI June 4th meeting to allow time to discuss it as a group.

Questions are still out there as to how much CCW would be transported into the site and with the elimination of Cell 5 would the expected CCW overload the other 4 cells? How was it to be transported since it is coming from all 4 directions (Illinois, Iowa, East Moline, Decatur, Tuscola, Indiana, Pekin, Edwards, Duck Creek, Peoria plus other cities)? Coal ash is very toxic and contains as many as 21 contaminants including arsenic, boron, cobalt, mercury, nickle, silver, thallium and more.

Coal ash can also contaminate the air with fly ash (there is also bottom ash which is heavier material that comes from the burning of coal). CACEI would only be involved in a public hearing to see the plans and hear the details. It is important for us to offer input and understand the functions planned for this site. CACEI feels the public should be informed what the site would be used for since it involves streams, ground water, and possibly the streams/water that runs into Illinois River. We need to see what benefits there would be for our county and area (Buckheart site is 6 miles south of Canton) and how it would impact our environment.

Canton Lake Project Donated by CACEI

We had been working with Mayor Fritz and Alderman Lovell but the council had some changes and Alderman Jim Nelson is now chairman of the Lake grounds. We will need to include him in our discussions and meetings with the Mayor. We need your input of ideas for the lake project.

Please plan to attend as these are both important happenings for CACEI involvement. CACEI didn’t meet in May nor will meet in July so this meeting is an important one for CACEI business agenda.

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CACEI Meeting

CACEI Meeting Saturday, April 9, at 10 a.m. at the Fulton County Health Dept.,  700 E. Oak St. Canton.

Program: Reinvest Illinois
Pam and Lan Richart from central Illinois-based Eco-Justice Collaborative. The program will be a 13-minute video, two short explanations by the speakers and then open for questions and answer period. The program will take approximately an hour depending on questions and audience input.

Short business meeting will follow presentation. Open to the public.

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Solar Tour

Field Trip and Breakfast
April 2nd

Breakfast: 8:30 a.m. at Lewistown Country Side Diner (formerly Hilda’s Pantry) on S. Main Street. It is down from the stop lights at Main and Hwy 24 between that corner and the fair grounds on the right side of the Street.

Educational Building and Solar Field Tour: After breakfast the group will travel to the Spoon River Electric Co-Op educational building and solar field recently put into operation south of Lewistown on U S Hwy. 24.

If you need a ride, please let Brenda know (649-1938). Several members have offered to take those who would like a ride.

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No CACEI meeting in January

CACEI will not meet on January 2nd, but we will be meeting in February and March.

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