Satellite image of proposed North Canton Mine showing Canton Lake and Copperas Creek

The Capital Resource Development Company, LLC proposed North Canton Mine would be located just over a mile north of Canton Lake in Canton, IL. The mine would destroy over a thousand acres of woods and farmland, threaten both the health and quality of life of our community and threaten Canton Lake, a drinking water resource for over 20,000 people.


  • The mine would discharge pollution into Copperas Creek about a mile upstream of Canton Lake–a permanent source of clean drinking water for over 20,000 people; approximately 54% of the county’s population. Private wells and septic tanks in the rural areas could be affected.
  • Millions of gallons of water from the disturbed areas would be diverted to Middle Branch Copperas Creek, which flows past fields, pastures, and homesteads to the Illinois River. The mine would decrease Canton Lake’s water quality and would hold back millions of gallons of water from its tributaries.
  • Blasting, noise and hazardous coal dust would negatively impact the health and quality of life of residents who live nearby and could damage structures and domestic wells.
  • Home values declining, and the townships, city, county and the state losing tax dollars.
  • The stripping of the land, damming of the streams, re-grading of the land and discharging of pollutants in a watershed would create a multitude of problems for the townships, city and county, costing the taxpayers to clean up. Area roads and motorists would bear the burden of 24-hour coal truck traffic and the closure of a segment of Brereton Road.
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