North Canton Strip Mine


Satellite image of propesed North Canton Mine showing Canton Lake and Copperas Creek

  • Watershed/Drainage
  • Canton Lake Watershed deterioration
  • Lack of Hydro-geological study
  • Water quality
  • Holding back Copperas Creek to fill impound ponds (needs 38 million gallons of water to fill ponds)
  • Soil runoff, acid runoff
  • Drought conditions at time of holding water or interrupting Copperas Creek and other underground waters/springs in Canton Lake
  • Daily use of water is 2.6 million gallons of water for Canton and the districts they serve
  • Deterioration of Recreational and Tourist Activities

At Canton Lake and surrounding area

Mining activity will be close to Canton Lake and its camping area. Heavy coal trucks will be using Illinois State Highways including the National Scenic Highway Rt. 24 to Regional Port at Mapleton, and as well as Route 78 through downtown Canton.

Mining Impacts

  1. Noise from blasting, trucks and equipment
  2. Dust, Gases (methane & radon), odor of diesel fuel
  3. Unsightliness, not beneficial to the master plan of tourism
  4. Major traffic problems—hauling of coal, employee travel to & from mine site on narrow township roads
  5. Disruption from road closures, construction (Emergency teams unable to use Brereton Rd to respond residents on Brereton Rd/Canton Lake homes & mail/newspaper delivery interruption)
  6. Weight impacts—each truck hauling 40,000 lbs of crushed coal plus the weight of the trucks on roads
  7. Traffic Volume on Rt.78 South of Brereton Rd & use of other State Routes to reach the Port at Mapleton  (per Arnett 100 trucks a day hauling coal to Rt. 78 south (N. Main St.)and a “short jaunt to Heart of Illinois Port at Mapleton”. (Could be Rt. 78 to 9 to 97 to 9/24)
  8. Increased maintenance to roads
  9. Dust, mud, dropped coal creating health hazards (allergy)
  10. Interrupting the quality of life for residents/businesses along truck route, decreased property values.

Environmental issues of the 1084.5 acre site

  1. Destroys prime farmland now in soybeans and corn
  2. Destruction of habitat of wildlife
  3. Noise will disturb birds (eagles, Indiana bats, pileated woodpeckers, & other small animals, deer)
  4. Plant life will be destroyed
  5. Mature quality trees will be destroyed
  6. Streams used for water (animals/fish) may be polluted

Scope of Impacts to Area

  1. Conflicts with City & County tourism goals
  2. Conflicts with existing neighborhoods, quality of life
  3. Conflicts with growth of Cypress St. (Golf Villa) Subdivision & Deer Run Subdivision/Northgate on W.Brereton Rd.
  4. Limits future use of an urbanized area/buffer zone of green space around perimeter of Canton
  5. Incompatible with existing neighborhood and businesses
  6. Creates potential unsafe travel for vehicles and pedestrians/school children
  7. Creates only short-term jobs with a span of 5-10 year, transient workers.

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