Over 20,000 residents of Canton and neighboring communities rely on Canton Lake for clean drinking water, and the West and Middle Branches of Copperas Creek provide some of the highest quality wildlife habitat, hunting, and fishing left in Fulton County.

But the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has tentatively decided to issue water pollution permits for a 1,084 acre strip coal mine that would send additional pollution into Canton Lake and Copperas Creek, and allow for the destruction of miles of tributary streams.

Even worse, the applicant is the same group responsible for the disastrous Industry Mine in McDonough and Schuyler Counties – which has violated the Clean Water Act by discharging polluted water at levels above its permit over 300 times since 2003! Despite ongoing legal action by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and widespread local opposition the Industry Mine is still not complying with the law.

How can Illinois EPA even consider issuing a permit to a company with such a bad record so close to a source of clean drinking water?

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Save Canton Lake and Copperas Creek from Strip Mining!

Governor Quinn, Interim Director Kim, and Hearing Officer Studer:

Protecting clean drinking water should be the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's top priority. In stark contrast, the Agency is poised to issue water pollution permits to a strip mine that would threaten water quality and critical wildlife habitat in Canton Lake and Copperas Creek in Fulton County, Illinois.

We urge you to protect the health and integrity of Canton Lake and the Copperas Creek watershed by denying the NPDES Water Discharge Permit IL0078221 and 401 Water Quality Certification C-0611-06 for Capital Resources Development Company, LLC's proposed North Canton strip coal mine, which would be located just over a mile upstream of Canton Lake.

As written, the permits would allow harmful pollution to be sent into Canton Lake and Copperas Creek, and would permit the destruction of miles of tributary streams. Over 20,000 local residents rely on Canton Lake for clean drinking water, and the Copperas Creek watershed provides critical wildlife habitat and economically important recreational resources. Further, Illinois EPA must not issue permits to an applicant who is knowingly and actively violating the Clean Water Act at other mines, and currently being sued by the Illinois Attorney General. We expect the Illinois EPA to DEFEND the public’s drinking water from such rogue operators.

Please protect our clean water and high quality habitats – reject these permits!


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Click satellite image to view proposed North Canton Mine upstream of Canton Lake and Copperas Creek

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